The Dead Design watched over 10,000 times!

Hello again, time to announce something of that closed game making project. It’s me, the Terror Lab designer. Nearly two years ago (July, 2008), I’ve released three playable levels and the gameplay video to YouTube (what was very good place to show self-builded projects). And now, video was watched over 10,000 times!

Sadly I’m sorry, I have no intention of continue making games and that’s why I can’t answer to all questions about FPSC (dude, last time I’ve used FPSC about 1,5 years ago). Although I make no more games (at the moment), I’m glad I receive numbers of good feedback. Thank you for your interest! And hey, remember to play games such as Left 4 Dead, Penumbra or even like Terror Lab. ;)

First Post

3 playable levels download (~100 MB):

YouTube gameplay video

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